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FifaWondaHD gives out constant updated, quality videos on Fifa. His channel has evolved from getting quality gameplay of ultimate team, to provide stats, information and opinions on best players in UT and reviewing them. But it’s not the payers you would expect!

Rather than me going into more details on what he does, I would honestly recommend visiting his page, subscribing to his channel, like we have at MGM, and getting involved if you are a Fifa fanatic! 


Brummie Joe

Brummie Joe provides quality content in the form of vlogs and gameplay. As you can see by his title, he’s a local (Birmingham) lad with a passion for football, especially Birmingham City. But club aside, football is his passion and he demonstrates that on his channel perfectly. 

Brummie Joe is a genuine guy and his Fifa rage is as funny as anyone, and this is demonstrated many times in his Fifa career mode series! 

Seriously recommend subscribing and watching his content along with following him through other social platforms via the same name.



This channel has an unjustified number of subscribers for the content displayed. 

joegrandpapi highlights different game modes and gameplays different shooting games. Spreading from Black ops, to Fortnite all the way to Rainbow 6, you really can’t get bored with the content on there.

We, My Games Media, have already showcased gameplay on our instagram page from joegrandpapi because of how sick the clip was. If you didn’t see that, well, you missed out, but I would recommend watching B04: SWEATS EVERYWHERE!!!! gameplay, cause it’s the reason why we have subscribed to his channel! 



If you want to watch some serious skills and sick scorestreaks in the world of Black Ops, then go check out RayDaGoatHD‘ channel! The editing skills of the videos keeps you entertained in the parts that really matter, rather than watching the lovely journey round the map 7 times without the enemy. 

I was watching the ‘I GOT CAUGHT IN THE MOVIES GETTING HEAD!’ video, and there’s me thinking what is this all about but the video is perfect to watch while listening to his story! I ain’t gonna tell you the story, you’ll have to listen yourself!! 

Again, low subscribers at the moment, but this channel will grow in the near future! 


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