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What can we say about Safiriaxo

I found her twitch and instagram account not too long ago and have been watching her streams religiously since. She plays different style games on livestream going from Call of Duty to Plants V Zombies (which is awesome may I add). 

She mainly focuses her live streaming through the mixer channel, which if you have, I would recommend following her if you don’t already. 

The one think I like about streamers is when they interact with their viewers and actually have a laugh and fun, and this girl does just that! Safiria constantly has multiple amounts of viewers and comments, fans interacting with her as much as she interacts back. She’s a very comfortable streamer and you can tell when you watch her. 

You can also visit her online store where she promotes going live, sells her own merch and generally does what she wants.



Screenshot at May 20 19-15-21

I’ve had the pleasure recently to be introduced to DanzoPttv and to be honest, it’s been quality. While he mainly streams Apex he is partial to the odd game of Black Ops (call of duty) also. But His channel is more than just gaming sometimes, you get lost in the chat because he is a quality host also! 

He has recently became a Twitch Affiliate which to be honest, doesn’t surprise me. He constantly has a number of viewers and fans interacting within his chat. 

Seriously, go check out Danzopttv and follow him on Twitch, you won’t be disappointed. 

His insta is the same name as well 


Mixing his content between a few different games, it’s clear to see Envyyous is solid as his shooting games!

His Twitch displays previous livestreams from Apex and Fortnite. Not only does he play tactically, he’s pretty sick at the games as well! It’s no surprise to see his twitch followers at over 10k. 

You can follow Envyyous on Instagram as well under the same name, and his Youtube channel will be coming in the near future!

But if you’re interested in Apex, as we all are, this channel is definitely for you!

Seriously recommend Envyyous



If you’re an Apex Legends fan, or a fan of Tom Clancy’s The Division then you will love KrautGG’s channel!

Having watched most of the content on his channel, it’s clear to see he has skills in the shooter games!

But, there is variation with what he streams as you will find Division 2 content on there, which as you know, is only in Beta stage, so if you was contemplating getting the game, well, go to KrautGG’s channel and watch his livestream on this! 

You can follow KrautGG on Instagram under the same name also and you’ll find gaming content on there!