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My Games Media Recommendations

MyGamesMedia is always looking to recommend streamers and content creators. Unlike other sites, we recommend those that we like and enjoy watching knowing that you will feel the same.

Here we recommend some of the highest quality streamers, both new and existing streamers that have been around for a while. So take a look and watch their content.

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If you are a streamer or if you post videos on YouTube and want help promoting your content, get in touch with us now and see how we can help you gain more followings and get your stream to grow.


YouTube is a popular platform where gamers and YouTubers will create videos to share with the world. YouTube is so popular that videos can get millions of views if they reach the right audience.
Take a look at some of the brilliant YouTubers which MGM recommends, watch their content and enjoy their gaming.


Twitch is the platform for streamers. If you enjoy playing games and want to share your gaming time with the world then Twitch is for you.
With so many streamers around, it’s easy to find some gameplay of the games you love or games you’re thinking of getting.
Here is our selection of Twitch streamers and links to their channels so you can watch and enjoy their live streams.



Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels where photos and videos are shared by the millions each and every day.
This makes it a great place to share your images and gain attention and links back to your content channel.
Here we recommend some of the best Instagrammers, ones that stand out and provide some awesome content for you to enjoy.