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It’s not often you come across gamers who just genuinely enjoy all types of gaming and games. Well, when scouting through some pages on Instagram, I found Blind Eye Games and couldn’t help but follow and scroll through his entire page; yep, all 260+ posts!! 


Similar to My Games Media, Blind Eye Games enjoys collaborating with other gamers and likes building a community. This is exactly what the MGM message is!

As you can see from just his profile, he has many followers and it’s well deserved with the content they put out. You will also see his youtube channel, which we are subscribed to may I add, and it contains games that aren’t in the spotlight. For example, and one we have a video and review of, there’s a steep video! Great game! 


Anyways, if you are a genuine gamer, follow this page! Real, genuine lad who loves gaming! That’s what it’s all about.




Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Instagram

If you really enjoy Call of Duty, like the majority of us gamers do, then 1cod_god is literally the perfect page for you on insta! 

This page is literally everything you want when it comes to Call of Duty; from videos of gameplay and killcams to help and support on what class to have to help you improve your game. 

Apart from their pretty sick content, on a regular basis, I like the fact these guys are approachable and unlike some instagram channels that just want the follows, 1cod_god interacts with their followers which is a real nice touch!

You will see many likes on their posts from My Games Media, not because we have to, but because we genuinely enjoy their content and interact with them. 

Please guys, don’t just take our word for it, go follow 1cod_god now! 



Quality MMA provides users with the latest information  in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.. Or, to categorise it more, the UFC. 

Not only have they clocked up followers because of their exciting and fast content, they have a close fanbase which interacts in all posts and also rely on their content for news and details. 

Quality MMA has recently blogged for, which is an established blogging site! You can find that article below.

Top 10 fighters to never capture UFC gold

Seriously, go check this page out if you’re an MMA fan! 

quality_mma Instagram


Similar to My Games Media, Relate.a.gamers provide up to date content on a various amount of games. You can see just from scrolling down their instagram page the amount of time and effort put in to providing you guys with gameplay. 

Whilst the followers are low, I believe this to be a little unfair and I do fully expect the number of followers to rise in the coming days and weeks. 

If you like a mixture of retro games and new games, then this really is a page you should be following.


Expect big things to come from relate.a.gamers in the very near future, as I know we will be here at My Games Media.



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