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World War Z Game Review

This year has seen many highly anticipated releases for all consoles from the likes of The Division 2 to Days Gone.

One game which has had a somewhat surprisingly successful launch has been World War Z which was released back in April and continues to do well in terms of collective mindshare and sales.

Now, the game has received its first major update since it’s launch. The arrival was detailed in the post-launch roadmap and this update is completely free.

Titled “Undead Sea”, the patch adds a new mission within the Tokyo campaign which sees you go onboard an undead-infested ferry where you and your squad will need to battle your way through tiny cabins, open decks and narrow corridors in what’s being described as one of the games most intense challenges yet.

The Undead Sea update also brings with it a new zombie type which will be featured in all levels. This new zombie will spit deadly toxins out at players which can bring you down and hurt those who are trying to revive you.

Elsewhere, other updates include private lobbies which have been added to the game which allows you to play with your friends, user interface changes bring with them FOV and animation quality sliders and, finally, weapons have received a series of buffs and nerfs.

You can see a full list of changes here.

You can also check out our full World War Z review.

If you’re diving back into the game to check out the Undead Sea update, let us know what you think about the update in the comments section below.

It’s time once again for everybody to come aboard the hoooooo train.

OK, admittedly, there aren’t any pimps up in this house, however, I can go one better and announce that it’s time for us to start getting excited about the free PlayStation Plus games for June – a fair trade? I think so.

So, with May succumbing to the past hands of time and June poking it’s head around the corner ready to make its big appearance, Sony have decided to get us all excited and hot under the collar by announcing the two free games that we’ll be receiving and they are: Sonic Mania and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection.

So, let’s dive in and take a look at them.


Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is a nostalgic throwback to the 16-bit era of gaming where the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise was king. 

Sonic Mania pays homage to this by sticking to the side-scrolling platform gameplay and features Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all as playable characters.

For this game, Sega decided to throw a curveball into the mix by handing over the development keys of the game to notable Sonic community members. One of these members was Christian Whitehead, who was originally hired by Sega to handle the mobile ports of previous Sonic games.

Sonic Mania was originally released back in August 2017 and was featured on popular consoles including the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

OK, so by saying that PlayStation Plus has two free games this month is slightly miss-leading as The Handsome collection itself features two games.

If you haven’t played Borderlands before, then I seriously recommend you take advantage of June’s free offer as the Handsome Collection is a great way for you to catch up on the franchise before the release of Borderlands 3 in September.

As mentioned, The Handsome Collection actually features two games, Borderlands 2 which originally debuted in 2012 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel which was released back in 2014.

The notable omission from The Handsome Collection is the original Borderlands. This isn’t included as a 4K remastered version of the game was released only last month.

So, with both of these games being announced, the only question left to ask is when you can get your hands on them.

As always, the games aren’t available the second that May turns to June, instead you’ll have to wait a couple of days in order to download them with the release being June 4th.

But don’t despair too much as it gives you a bit longer to download May’s PS Plus games, Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch, if you haven’t already done so.


The Last of Us 2

In the past, I’ve made no secret of my love for The Last of Us.

In my opinion, and many others, it’s one of the best games that have ever been released on console and, since its release, no game has quite hit the high standards set by the game.

Many gamers have been patiently waiting for a follow up and, since The Last of Us 2 was announced, we’ve been growing in excitement and hoping to hear more information of just when we can expect to get our hands on the game.

It was originally predicted that some announcement would be made during E3 2019, however, this isn’t the case any more 🙁 instead, an announcement is expected to be made this week :D.

The Last of Us Part 2

It makes sense as well, when you think that Sony don’t have any conferences planning during E3 this year and by announcing the game prior to E3 they’re able to steal a march on their rivals and they can start generating hype and revealing the games secrets in advance of hosting their State of Play livestream.

According to the latest rumours, Sony and Naughty Dog will host a special event which is dedicated solely to The Last of Us 2 later this very week. However, reports didn’t include any hard specifics, such as a date or a time, it only stated that it will contain a new trailer and a release date for the game.

What’s the predicted release date? Well, that would be Autumn 2019, meaning that we are potentially only a few months away from the game dropping into stores.

There has been mounting speculation over a sequel to one of the best games ever released with retail leaks suggesting that there would be a different release date.

It was confirmed earlier this year that vital scenes had been completed, including scenes featuring Joel and Ellie. In fact, the Direct and Writer, Neil Druckmann, posted an update on Twitter where he told fans: 

“And that’s a wrap on Ellie, Joel and the most ambitious cinematic shoot we’ve ever done. Tears were shed…”

So, what does this all mean?

Well, if a new event is to be held this week, it means that we can finally put to bed any rumours and we will know exactly when the highly anticipated game will be launched. This isn’t to say that we are expecting either Sony or Naughty Dog to begin rushing the project either.

It’s also expected that The Last of Us 2 will become the best-selling first-party product for the PS4, a title currently held by Uncharted 4. This makes sense when you consider the amount of PS4 consoles which have been sold currently, so The Last of Us 2 stealing this crown isn’t so hard to believe.

As of right now, The Last of Us 2 is expected to be a PS4 exclusive and it’s expected to launched this very year.

Xbox Vs PlayStation

For those of you who aren’t aware, PlayStation have their own subscription based service called PlayStation Now. The subscription service has over 600 games which are free to play on both your PlayStation console and on a PC and the games are available to download directly onto each device.

This service has been steadily growing since 2016, along with the catalogue of games that the service provides and during a recent strategy meeting, PlayStation have revealed that the number of subscribers for this service has now reached 700k.

This recent search in subscribers has led Sony to unveil bigger plans for the service in preparation for their launch of the PS5.

Long story short, Sony is hoping that their PlayStation Now service will reach 5 million subscribers (roughly seven times as many as it currently has) before the next-gen console is released.

While many experts and analysts expect that Sony will continue with previous trends and include physical disks for the new console, with the growth of PlayStation Now, it does raise the question of whether there’s a market for a subscription service only console.

After all, companies love subscription based services because it provides regular monthly income for them which is important for companies when it comes to profit and keeping investors happy.

To help reach the 5 million target, Sony have announces that they’re considering adding the service to ‘portable client devices’.

What this means exactly is up for interpretation, however, we believe that it’s likely that some form of the PS Now service could be coming for mobile phones and tablets in the future.

It could also hint that Sony are considering launching a new handheld device, however, with the PS Vita selling poorly in recent times and a huge surge in mobile gaming being largely to blame for this, a mobile and tablet service is the more likely option.

Although, that being said, recent sales of the Nintendo Switch suggest that there is still a market for handheld gaming devices.

PlayStation was notably absent from this years E3 event which means that following their upcoming State of Play has become essential for gathering new information about what the future holds for Sony, PlayStation, their Now service and more.

Earlier this year PlayStation Now was rolled out to more countries across Europe and, at a PlayStation Now focused event, Marco Valetta, Sony Italy’s General Manager, mentioned that “exclusive content is the way to go to improve.”

He also went on to add: “What I foresee is all about continuing to working with the PS4 community and bringing it as many consumers as possible.”

It’s quite clear from this that the streaming service is incredibly important to Sony and it’ll be interesting to see just how big an impact PS Now can have if it’s given the proper support.

Generally speaking, Xbox One’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, gets a lot of talk. However, the PS Now service is performing beyond all expectations according to a recent report by SuperData.

It’s also been stated that PS Now has grabbed the majority share in the gaming subscription service market during the third quarter of 2018.

PlayStation Now has made up a 52% of the market share while Xbox Game Pass has only managed to achieve 15%.

With the proper support and investment, the PS Now service could prove to be a huge factor in next-gen gaming and, with them currently dominating the market, it could end up being bad news for Xbox and their subscription service.

Days Gone Review

May 16, 2019 | Latest Blogs, Playstation, Playstation 4 | No Comments

2019 seems to have seen a rebirth, somewhat, of the zombie genre of games and, too be honest, we’re loving it!

Following on from the brilliant World War Z, Playstation owners have been treated to Days Gone, an open-world zombie apocalypse style game which sees you taking on more hoards of undead while trying to survive for as long as possible.

Ok, technically the “freakers” in Days Gone aren’t undead, they’re actually infected humans who have mutated, but you can be forgiven for not realising this as they seem to fit all of the zombie stereotypes with their shuffling around and incessant groaning, but this is only a minor detail and it actually doesn’t affect anything.

So, now we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on to the game.

Days Gone Gameplay Review

The opening cutscenes show you in a world that is already halfway to hell. You hear screams bellowing through a small town in Oregon and people are frantically running as they’re trying to escape from the feral herds of Freakers. Hazmat cladded emergency response units are there telling people that they need to evacuate.

Amid the chaos, you’re introduced to Deacon St. John, a veteran and local biker gang member. He secures his wife a seat on the helicopter and then decides to travel with other gang members to a nearby refugee camp and, instead of finding survivors, you find more Freakers and a downed helicopter.

The intro to the game reminded me of The Last of Us, where you see all the world go to hell and then you’re left trying to help Joel and his daughter escape the ensuing madness, however, the opening scenes of a downed helicopter and presumed dead wife lacked the emotional whirlwind that was sparked inside of me when Joel was left cradling his dead daughter.

Once the madness has subsided, we see Deacon and his friend “Boozer” working as “Drifters”. Basically, this involves them doing mercenary work and odd jobs for the surviving community. While it sounds like a simple, idyllic life, it’s not, especially when you consider that the world has been taken over by Freakers and cults.

This is where the game really takes off.

The missions see you travelling across gorgeous scenery in the post-apocalyptic Oregon on your trusty motorbike as you’re hunting down bounties, recruiting survivors and destroying entire camps of Raiders.

By completing the missions, you’re earning trust in the communities and this helps you to unlock better gear which is satisfyingly rewarding.

While some of the tasks and challenges do feel a bit rinse and repeat, the game wins when it comes to fighting the hoards of Freakers.

Days Gone Review

The game allows you to fight using your own play style, whether you’re a steal kind of player, or if you prefer to just run in gung-ho, the mechanics make both styles easy and enjoyable. This gives you the freedom to stake out areas, plan your attacks, snipe some enemies from afar and then just ignore everything and run in with your shotgun and let loose hell on the Freaker scum.

While the game might sound like it’s the same old, it also features some surprise elements such as elaborate traps which are set up by the campers and other communities which provides unique and interesting challenges along each path that you decide to go.

It’s not an easy open-world shooter either. The game creates tension by ensuring that ammo is scare and it also limits the amount of ammo that you can carry at any one time. Think you can just melee your way through the game? Think again. Melee weapons and add ons – such as silencers – degrade over time which means that you have to carefully plan each attack and decide whether or not it’s worth swinging your weapon or just fleeing the scene and preserving your weapons.

You can also craft weapons, such as molotov cocktails, flashbangs, and mines but, in order to do this you need to get equipment and in order to do that you need to earn the trust of the camps and that makes it important to continually work through the missions, no matter how many times it feels like you’ve played them.

It’s not just the weapons and ammo which are scarce either. Travelling from place to place requires you to stock up on fuel for your motorbike which means looking out for scattered fuel pumps and gas cans. Running out of fuel means that you’re on foot for the rest of the distance and this creates more tension, especially when you consider that there are many things out there which are hoping to make you dead.

Days Gone PS4

One of the downsides is that the game tries to create an atmosphere when the Freakers around around by using music and audio, which does work well as the undead sounds are disgusting and the sharp musical score does, at the start at least, make you stop in your tracks for a quick underwear change before taking on the hoard. The downside with this is that audio provides more of a clue that danger is approaching and it alerts you to the presence of the heard before you actually see them. This takes away the element of the surprise and it means that you don’t need to worry about a hoard sneaking up on you and this makes you feel freer running around with the knowledge that if the music isn’t playing, you’re relatively safe.

However, the game tries to combat this. When you hear the music playing and you’re alerted to the presence of a herd, it doesn’t stop them from hearing your movements and you alerting them of your presence. This means that you can’t run around with total freedom that if you hear the music you can just stop, instead you need to be a bit careful when you’re sprinting around otherwise you could find yourself unloading bullets into to stop them from getting you.

As you progress through the game and you start to build trust with the different communities, your weapons will also upgrade as well and this helps you to defeat enemies quicker while also making it easier to play the game how you want to play it. By giving you better options in the weapons that you can take with you, the game is basically saying that you can be stealth or gung-ho, just choose the weapons to match your style.

Crafting traps becomes more essential as well because it helps you to take out more Freakers and this means that you can effectively thin out a hoard by planting mines, leading them towards where they’re planted and then watch as the mine takes them out for you while also saving you ammo in the process.

All in all, Days Gone is like a mixture of The Last of us and State of Decay and, while I won’t say that it’s as good as The Last of Us, it’s a great game with epic gameplay moments which makes it thoroughly enjoyable and you can easily pump hours into the game without realising where the time went. The quests do become repetitive but the rewards for completing them outweigh the negative aspects.

The graphics are simple stunning and you’ll find yourself in moments where you’re lost and in awe of the beautiful landscape before being dragged kicking and screaming back to earth looking at grotesque faces and listening to eerie music which can drag you from enjoying an overgrown Oregon to running for your life in a moments notice.

While the biggest drawback will be the offline only, it’s not a deal-breaker. The offline game is fun and enjoyable so you won’t really notice that you’re not mixing it up with other people online although having an online multiplayer or team co-op would have been a nice touch, once you’re immersed in the game, it’s not something that you will pay much attention to.

With the release of the brilliant World War Z, released another zombie title a few weeks later could be seen as a challenge, but it’s one that Days Gone has risen to and they manage to deliver a fantastic title which is set to rival World War Z and maybe even The Last of Us.

Do you have any opinions of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Free Playstation Plus Games

Back in 2006, Sony introduced us to their newest service which was known as the PlayStation Network and this led to people signing up to the service in their droves.

When you signed up, you were given the chance to create a PSN name which would become your online ID and it would be the name that people on the PSN would get to know you as. At the same time, everyone started to create their names but many didn’t realise that, once a name was chosen, you were stuck with it and were unable to change.

Fast-forward 12 years to 2018 and Sony finally made the announcement that they were going to finally allow people to change their PSN name.

Originally, the name change was part of the PlayStation Preview Programme but the ability to change your PSN ID is now, finally, being rolled out to everyone and this means that you can finally change the embarrassing PSN name which you mistakenly thought was cool back in 2006.

There are two ways in which you can change the name.

The first option is to change it using your PlayStation console and the process is fairly simple:

  • Log into your PS4
  • Go to settings
  • Choose Account Management
  • Account Information
  • Profile
  • Profile ID
  • Enter your new name and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the change

The second option is by using your internet browser to change your name and to do this you need to:

  • Sign into your PSN account
  • Select PSN profile
  • Click Edit
  • Enter a new PSN name and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the change

It’s important to note that changing your PSN name doesn’t mean that your old name is permanently lost. If you do want to revert back to your old name for any reason, you can contact PlayStation support and they’ll be able to roll back the change. You also will be given an option to display your old PSN name alongside the new one for 30 days to help your friends come to terms with this epic change.

As with everything in life, changing your PSN name does come with some risks.

While games which have been released after April 1, 2018 have been tested and fully support the name change, older titles do not.

This means that changing your name could cause some critical issues with some games and Sony recommends checking a list of tested games before making the decision to change.

To celebrate the roll out of this change, Sony is allowing you to change your name once for free. However, once the change has been made any subsequent changes will set you back £4.99 for PS Plus subscribers and £9.99 for everyone else.

While this might seem like a basic feature which should have been made available a long time ago, the ability to change our name is a welcome change and it gives owners who have created terrible names the chance to start over.

Hopefully, we’ll now see the end of names such as Xx_SnIpErZzZz_xX.

fifa 19

If you think of most gamers, YouTubers and Twitch streamers, most of you will have come across someone who has a channel that is dedicated to playing FIFA.

It’s not really a surprise when you consider that FIFA has been one of the most (if not the most) popular games each and every year. It consistently tops the charts on its release and every year it’s one of the most pre-ordered games as football fans get all excited to get their hands on the latest edition of EA Sports’ long running football series.

I’m no different. I pre-order FIFA every year. I download the demo and get all hot under the collar about continuing my Ultimate Team, winning Division 1 in seasons and there’s a continued dream that EA Sports will listen to one of my many emails and forum posts requesting that they introduce an online career mode as an option within the game.

This year, however, I was left disappointed – and it’s not just because of the lack of online career mode.

I know many people will read this and disagree with me and this is possibly proven as it’s still one of the most played games at the moment. Many people won’t mind the issues I’m about to list and many people will probably say that they’re not issues at all and that I’m just “not very good at FIFA”.

In truth, the “not very good” statement probably has some elements of truth in it, especially now because I’ve stopped playing the game. After pre-ordering and downloading the digital version, starting my Ultimate Team and putting a few weeks of my time into the game, I’m left disappointed that I didn’t buy a physical copy so that I can sell it or trade it in for something better.

To be quite honest, I don’t think I’ve touched the game since December and, instead, I spend my time playing other games such as The Division 2, Red Dead Redemption 2 and a few others.

This was until the other day when my brother came and made an appearance at my humble abode and we decided to have a few frames of FIFA and work on my Ultimate Team. Instantly, I was ready to throw the control pad off the wall because it was no different from how it had been when I first loaded it and I realised that, genuinely, I hate the game.

But, instead of getting bitter and deleting the game, I thought I would wade through the excrement that FIFA has become and create a list of the reasons why FIFA 19 is, in my opinion, one of the worst FIFA for many years.

So, without any further delay, here are my reasons:


    This is something that was continually happening so I decided to do a bit of research and it seems that this is a fairly common complaint. A lot of people complain about the overhead kick goals and it’s true. Every. Single. Word. The ball gets whipped in from a corner and Jan Vertonghen is beaten in the air by an overhead kick by the 4 foot 3 Carlos Azpilecueta.

    FIFA 19 Overhead Kick

    It doesn’t end there, every time the ball gets whipped in, the game seems to favour the bloke who’s going backside over head to score a stunning goal and they always go in. You’re tall defenders are left watching and applauding that some random guy from a random league had the sheer audacity to attempt such a shot instead of actually going to win the ball.


    Penalties being awarded for no reason isn’t exactly something new to FIFA but 19 seems to take it to new extremes. I’ve had penalties awarded against me for players running into me – Literally without me pressing to tackle them.

    I’ve had penalties awarded against me when a player shoots and their shooting leg kicks my player. I’ve had one occasion where this happened and the player didn’t even go down but still the referee pointed to the spot.

    It doesn’t end there either, oh how I wish it did, I’ve had occasions where I’ve ran into the box and I’ve been cruelly tripped over and had nothing awarded.

    Imagine the frustration where you run into the box with Mane, get tripped over inside the area and have nothing given, only for the opponent to break, get into your box, run into your defender without you pressing tackle and then gets a penalty – I don’t have to imagine this because it’s actually happened to me.


    I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’m playing against a good player and I’ve worked hard to score a goal. I’ve spent a long time keeping possession, moving the ball, working it around and getting one chance to score and taking the chance. Then they kick off, run up to my goal and my team parts like the Red Sea to allow them to equalise.

    I get it, the most dangerous time for a team is right after you score but come on!

    My players don’t lose concentration, they forget how to play football. The team splits apart and they end up in positions where there is no way they would end up in a real life game. My left back suddenly goes to have a chat with my right back and my centre back them moves into LM and leaves just one defender standing there as the ball is chipped over his head to a player rushing beyond him to give him a one-on-one with my keeper.

    It’s incredibly frustrating because, when you’re playing against a good opponent, scoring a goal which you’ve worked hard to create feels like a real achievement, only to have it taken away from you by something which isn’t your fault. If your players stayed in their correct positions then you wouldn’t get caught out and would be able to defend better and make it harder for them to score, instead it just gifts them a goal as if the game is incredibly easy.


    I like to experiment with formations and find that the ones I enjoy the most are 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 but the truth is that the game doesn’t allow for these formations to work. The reality is that you get overrun in midfield or down the wings and you always get left in a three-on-two situation or worse. To compensate for this, I use a defensive midfielder and his instructions are stay back at all times.


    But he just doesn’t listen and decides to bust a gut to get upfront each and every time I’m attacking without me controlling him.

    The worst thing is. that it will happen with players who are defensive midfielders in real life and don’t have the appetite for getting forward.

    I’ll buy a defensive midfielder and set their instructions to stay back while attacking. I get the ball and start to push into the oppositions half and then I’m left staring in bemusement when my CDM runs passed my striker. Then, I lose possession, opposition makes three passes and I’m exposed. If the CDM would listen to me and stay back, this wouldn’t happen.

    I’ve tried various tactics and various different instructions and each time the same thing happens.

    If anyone knows how to combat this, please let me know.


    This is by far my biggest pet hate with FIFA 19.

    The amount of times I tackle a player only for the ball to bounce straight back to them is, in short, ridiculous.

    During one game of Ultimate Team, I tackled a player nine, yes nine, read it again NINE, times only for the ball to go straight back to them after the tackle before they scored.


    It happens in every game. It’s not just the occasional 50/50 either, I can tackle from different angles, using different tackles (standing and sliding) and the ball will stick to them like glue and then suddenly they have a one-on-one with my keeper.

    You tackle in the box it goes to them at a better angle. You tackle one player and it works as a perfect through ball for a different one. Your keeper saves one shot and pushes the ball past your 5 defenders to the one, lonely attacker (who’s standing completely unmarked, by the way) for a simple tap in.

    I’ve had them cross the ball in the box, where my defender is going to head the ball clear, only for my keeper to rush out like Rambo and pat the ball off his head and down to the striker standing behind him.

    They shoot and your defender blocks it, guess what happens – yep, the ball bounces back to them for another go.

    At times it feels unlikely and unlucky, at other times it feels like the game is scripted and you’re meant to concede a goal at that point and the game won’t let you win possession or make a tackle until you have conceded a goal.

    It’s not just with tackles either. 82nd minute and you’re losing 1-0, you can guarantee that the ball will continually go out for a corner for them until the 91st minute. You try and head the ball out to your attacker, the defender doesn’t listen to the direction you press and instead they head it out for a corner. The ball floats as soft as a butterfly to your goalkeeper, he pushes it out for a corner, their player shoots with no one around them and spoons it over the bar, it goes out for a corner.

    It’s relentless and you may as well quit the game there and then because you know that the game doesn’t want you to win this one. Instead it will keep on running down the clock until it’s game over and you’ve lost a game 1-0 where, if you had the chance to attack, you could have pulled it level.


    I’m good at shooting. I’ve often been described as “the best natural finisher in the game” (albeit by myself). It’s something I’ve perfected over the years so I’m equally adept at finishing one-on-ones, tap ins and long range drives. I can aim for the top or bottom corner and, my speciality, is chipping the keeper.

    Fifa 19 Shooting

    However, in this FIFA, the game seems to want to take away your ability to choose what type of shot you’re going for.

    The keeper palms it out of the box at a corner and you want to rifle it into the roof of the net, for some reason, unbeknownst to anyone, your player decides to float a harmless chip back into the waiting arms of the keeper.

    You’re one-on-one and you want to slot it into the bottom corner, your guy completely miss-kicks the ball and it trickles wide with all the speed of John Terry taking it easy.

    You want to curl the ball into the top corner and your guy drives it low and straight down the middle.

    Some shots I completely understand, you’re running in and looking to sweep it in first time and you’re guy miss-hits the ball, I understand that, these mistakes happen on a regular basis in professional football so it’s only right that they include it in the game, but I’ve never to this day seen a player want to hit the ball as hard as he can and it results in a tame chip that is right at the keeper and at a perfect height for him to catch it.

    It just doesn’t happen.


    I’m pretty sure a lot of us have experienced this happen at one time or another.

    You’re breaking and looking to push into the opponent’s box but they have a defensive wall set up so you look to square it left or right and work the ball to create some space. You slide a slow 5 yard pass to a player standing there, completely unmarked and then, suddenly, the ball goes between the players legs and he freezes giving the opposition enough time to run in, rob the ball and launch an attack of their own.

    Or in another situation, you break into the opponent’s box and the final touch before you’re about to shoot goes 5 yards further in front of the player allowing it to go directly to the goalkeeper.

    The opposition is breaking on you and they pass the ball forward and your centre back steps in to make an interception only for the ball to bounce off his leg and go to a different one of their players or it goes out for a throw-in or a corner.

    You play a through ball down the wing with your full back and every time it’s perfect, except the one time they’ve pushed up and it’s time to counter with numbers and instead your full-back puts the ball out of play.

    These little, annoying, random acts of rubbish ball control happen in every game you play and they completely affect and ruin good attacking moves or times where you’ve set up to defend perfectly.

    What’s worse is that they’re uncontrollable.

    Sure, I would understand if I blasted the ball at one of my players who was 5 yards away and him not having the best touch in the world, but a simple 5 yard pass with no power in it megging the player?

    It simply wouldn’t happen, especially when you consider my Ultimate Team is made up of the best players within the Premier League.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of these mistakes are limited to only Ultimate Team. If I play seasons I find that the mistakes don’t happen and I’ve managed to race through and win Division 1 in almost no time at all.

So, there you have it, my short list of some of the biggest moments of “WTF just happened” in FIFA and these are why, in my opinion, FIFA 19 is the worst FIFA that we’ve had in recent years.

Have you experience the same errors? Do you know how to fix them? Let us know in the comments below.

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Apex Legends Review

Battle Royale games don’t often sit right with me. It’s not that the games are bad, instead it’s more that the games become a monumental challenge which I find difficult to adjust to, especially when I’m more used to games where you grind for gear, such as The Division 2 (read about our Division 2 Brands and Bonuses), or levelling up allows you to unlock better weapons as you would normally find in games like Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (read our Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Review) or Battlefield.

It’s not just me.

Even the best players in Battle Royale games can spend an untold amount of hours running through different sessions only to get killed and be out of the game just because they didn’t manage to get a decent weapon in time.

Apex Legends Gameplay

Foraging for armour and weapons does sound like fun. But when the circle begins to shrink and you find yourself being shot and killed and having to restart and do it all over again in the next round, it becomes laborious.

In games such as these, skill is certainly of the essence. Also, you need patience and good communication if you’re working in a team. If you know someone is near, you need to communicate this with your team mates. If you know where a supply drop is, you need to communicate this with your team mates. When you’re working in a team, there is no ‘I’ because, the better equipped your team is, the better your chances are of survival.

With this in mind, I decided to give Respawn Entertainments Apex Legends a bash.

Firstly, as discussed, teamwork is an important element and Apex goes someway in making sure that communication is as easy and as clear as possible thanks to their unique ping system. The idea is that there is a single button which allows you to simply tap and let everyone know what you’re doing.

Apex Legends Ping System

This means that if you’re teaming up with strangers, you don’t need to sit with the microphone glued to your face in order to communicate what you’re up to.

Want to tell others where to go? Point to the area on the map, ping it and viola. Want to talk about a weapon upgrade on the map? Aim your crosshair on the upgrade and ping it. Seen a nearby bunker and want to hold up there? Ping it. Want them to order a pizza to be delivered to your house…OK, that won’t work, but you could try?

In other games, playing with strangers has been unbearable. Yodelling commands, pointless exclamations in the microphone, rampant music in the background, dogs barking in the background (maybe just my dog), you get the point.

The ping system goes someway in highlighting that it’s one of the core features of Apex Legends and this makes it one of the best Battle Royale games that I’ve come across as there is an emphasis on cooperation. Reviving squad mates when they’re near death is a feature among all modern shooters and getting knocked down doesn’t mean that you’re out for the count in Apex.

Instead, when you’re down, you can be given a new lease of life if someone takes the banner which your character drops upon death and then places it on one of the beacons that are dotted around the map.

This gives less experienced players some breathing room and allows them to pick up the basics of the game and highlights the importance of working together. After all, it’s unlikely that you’re going to get very far on your lonesome when other players also have the opportunity to revive their squad members.

Apex Legends Map

The game also brings in character classes that we’re familiar with in other games. Think Overwatch. The game focuses on similar classes from classic shooters and comes with a combat-focused Bangalore, a defensive tank build called Gibraltar and the stealth class known as Wraith.

The notion of choosing and learning about different classes on different games does come across as quite a daunting task for many of us. Picking a certain class often provides a wildly different experience and it also corresponds with a steeper learning curve at the same time.

Not with Apex Legends and, instead, the game focuses more on equality.

The classes are different enough for their abilities to remain unique, but they’re also similar enough so that they complement each other rather than replace. This makes switching classes less complex and it builds into the idea that teamwork is important rather than just running around on your own with the legend with the best abilities.

While this sounds good, it can also act as a negative for some, because the game removes the ability to play solo or as a duo and instead only squad mode is available which is disappointing for those who prefer single player gameplay.

Much like other Battle Royale games, the core mechanics behind the game is to be the last one standing.

The game features a smaller number of players in a session and this allows for smoother gameplay compare to other games I’ve tested. The graphics are also top notch which adds to the positive experience that I’ve had playing Apex Legends. Also, the game features a number of weapons and add-ons which are fun and generally great to use.

On the whole, Apex Legends is a great game. It’s fun to play and it’s very addictive.

It’s fun for those who are new to the battle royale scene and the team play element means that it’s fun for those, like me, who aren’t typically drawn to the battle royale games.

Being a free game as well also means that it’s definitely worth a try and you’re not losing out if it’s not too your liking. Who knows, you might just find a new favourite in your game collection.

EA Sports UFC 3

Back in 2012, the UFC announced their partnership with gaming giants EA. With THQ losing the rights to the UFC product, EA would go on to produce, as of right now, three UFC titles. With EA Sports UFC releasing in 2013, the sequel in 2016 and the most recent instalment of the franchise in 2018.

ea sports ufc

It’s no surprise that EA took the popular series to new heights, with groundbreaking visuals and a quintessential presentation that captures the atmosphere of a real life UFC event. With each game they are learning from their previous mistakes and creating a complex yet accessible engine to replicate the unpredictable thrill of the sport of MMA.

However, there’s always room for improvement. And with the fourth game likely to come within the next year, here are 5 things that we want to see in EA Sports UFC 4.


In THQ’s UFC Undisputed 3, many fighters featured multiple versions of themselves that the player was able to choose from. Rather than having just one form, some fighters would have separate characters that would be based upon them from a previous year. After all, fighters can go through many images during their career.

This would be a nice little feature for the next instalment of the EA franchise.

You want UFC 205 Conor McGregor? Maybe 194? Maybe a version based upon his Cage Warrior days? The more variety the better, and this could be applied to more than half of the fighters on the roster for sure.


In 2011, EA Sports surprised everyone with Fight Night: Champion’s story mode. With what was formerly known just seen as a fun, competitive sports game, EA’s most recent Fight Night game managed to pull off an engaging narrative, with gritty characters and storylines that fit the genre perfectly. Despite being a bit predictable and corny here and there, the story mode was actually really enjoyable as it had you follow the rollercoaster career of the protagonist Andre Bishop.

UFC by EA Sports

Fight Night isn’t the only EA Sports title to feature a story mode either, as the FIFA franchise now tells the story of Alex Hunter in ‘The Journey’.

Without a doubt the could pull off an MMA storyline, especially with how popular the sport has become in recent years, no doubt a Conor McGregor inspired storyline would be enjoyable to play. Rising from the lower organisations to the pinnacle of the sport. Whatever approach EA would take, we’d love to play it.


Over the course of three games, EA has featured the essential career mode with each entry in the sports series. With each one having quite a simple, classic approach to a career mode. Create your fighter, pick your weight class, and off you go. Building your way up to the top with simulated training sessions and negligible training games to prepare you for each bout.

Despite this format being built upon and definitely being improved since their first game back in 2014, they seem to be tied down to the repeated, mundane career mode that lacks any real engagement to your fighter’s progression. THQ’s UFC Undisputed series featured many great approaches to your career. With a wide variety of fun training games that actually make it feel like your fighter is getting better, to interactive weigh-ins and post-fight interviews with Joe Rogan, it’s the little details that count sometimes, and the Undisputed series blended together the excitement of MMA with the enjoyment of a career mode well, and we’d like to see EA take a page out of their book.


Once again, we’d like to see EA take a page out of THQ’s book with this one. In 2012’s UFC Undisputed 3, the series introduced PRIDE mode. A mode based upon the popular MMA organisation that spanned from 1997-2007.

Pride Fighting Championship

The organisation competed with the pinnacle of the sport of the UFC, with a stacked roster full of some of MMA’s all-time greats while offering an entirely different set of rules from the UFC, with PRIDE notoriously allowing soccer kicks and a variety of other strikes that would be classed as illegal if thrown in the octagon. THQ perfectly captured PRIDE Fighting in UFC Undisputed 3. With the full PRIDE soundtrack, commentary, announcers, an exemplary recreation of the Saitama Super Arena, PRIDE variations of fighters and even a screen filter to make it look retro, it was a well accomplished reproduction of one of MMA’s best eras, and EA must feature it in their next title. It would be a crime not too.


One of the biggest problems facing the franchise currently, is the grappling system. Other than the odd tweak here and there, EA has practically kept the same flawed grappling system since their first instalment.

Over the span of 3 games, the grappling has grown more and more stale and frustrating. While the striking system has evolved significantly throughout the series, it manages to capture the thrill of an all out brawl as well as a technical chess match, whereas once the fight turns to grappling the game fails to capture the reality of it.

It’s slow, it’s sluggish, and it just doesn’t feel fun or fair. Picking grappling oriented fighters doesn’t seem to have the right benefits to it other than your transition speed being quicker than your opponent.

This shouldn’t be the case.

When I pick Demain Maia, I want my opponent to fear going to the mat with me, rather than embracing it and being able wriggle out of a rear naked choke as CM Punk. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but there are times where your fighter doesn’t feel justified. And the clinch system is the same.

Not to sound like a repeating record, but THQ’s grappling system, despite being a bit out of date now, had the right idea. It felt fast, fluid and fun. The submissions didn’t feel over-complicated and unfair, the clinching was explosive as well as calculated. Ground and pound was fast and brutal and initiating and defending transitions was simple but effective. It just felt perfectly balanced. Like they did with the striking in UFC 3, EA need to rebuild the grappling system from the ground up and hopefully take some inspiration from THQ.

If they tweaked the striking in some aspects while adding some nice fresh animations along with a whole new grappling system, we could potentially have the best MMA gameplay we’ve ever had.


Eamon Murphy



The Division 2

When games with a popular and almost cult-like following lands on our consoles, it’s not unusual to see a slew of rumours regarding the state of the game, updates, patches and DLC come flooding through.

With Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, there is no exception and rumours have been coming thick and fast for the game – which is surprising for a game which isn’t even a month old.

The latest rumour which is doing the rounds is that agents around the world will soon be packing their travel bags and heading back to where it all began – New York City.

With the game only being released a few weeks ago, players are still in the midst of running around Washington D.C, grinding through to get better weapons and to read the end game so they can get better gear and get their level up. Of course, once you’ve hid that all important level 30 and you begin to take on strongholds it’s noticeable that there is one stronghold which can’t yet be taken on and that’s Tidal Basin (due April 5th), so looking forward at any potential DLC might seem a little bit premature, especially as the rumour which is circulating is in regards to the third piece of DLC in the Year One line up.

However, the rumours which were hearing this time is that the upcoming DLC (due January 2020) will give agents the opportunity to return to New York and the scene of the original Dollar Flu outbreak.

The rumour isn’t without convincing reasons, however, and it’s thanks to a find by Division 2 player and known Redditor “WillyPete”, who discovered a poster which can be found in game and reads “NYC After Dark” in big, bold lettering. This title is followed by a smaller section which goes on to state “A return to the Big Apple – January”.

The Division 2 DLC

The developers for the Division 2 have made themselves known for putting little Easter Eggs throughout the game for players to find and share, and bearing in mind the NYC, it does appear that they’ve laid a clue inside the game for agents to find and begin piecing together to uncover a secret that one of the DLC’s will be set in NYC.

Add to this that, prior to the games launch, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment had revealed that the Division 2’s Year One Updates would be issued to players in the form of three different “episodes” of content.

We already know the names and the locations of two of the three DLC episodes: DC Outskirts: Expeditions and Pentagon: The Last Castle, but the third one has remained a tightly kept secret and the only information we’ve received thus far is that it’s scheduled for a winter release. After Dark would be the third and final instalment and it will be released in January 2020.

For those unaware of new to the franchise, New York City was the setting for the original The Division and it takes place several months before the Division 2. This would certainly make it interesting to see how Ubisoft an Massive plan to bring the New York themed content into The Division 2 and it can’t be denied that returning to where it all began would be a nice touch to those gamers who have been Agents since the beginning.

If this is what the companies are planning on doing, the next step would be to discover exactly what the DLC would entail and whether it would provide a setting for a new Dark Zone (which is unlikely), or whether it would be the setting for a new Survival Mode – a game mode which we saw in The Division 1 which proved to be hugely popular.

One thing that is for certain is that we will have to wait to find out exactly what Ubisoft and Massive are planning for the third piece of DLC in The Division 2, and if it does connect with the adverts which we can find throughout the game. Until then, you should continue to gear up and grind your way through Washington D.C in preparation for Tidal Basin and the release of Tier 5 and all of the content that is set to be released with that on April 5th.

You can be sure that My Games Media will continue to keep a close on on any developments, so if you want to keep ahead of the rest in terms of news and future releases regarding the Division 2 and anything else gaming, stay tuned with us.

Until next time, stay safe agents.