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About Us

MyGamesMedia is of a community of gamers which brings content creators together in a gaming community which supports and helps grow new channels in the world of gaming.

As well as creating and publishing our own content, we look to work with YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Bloggers and regular gamers who are looking for a platform and a way to get noticed in the world of gaming and sharing your content with the masses.

As well as this, we regularly publish our own content on the games that we play. This ranges from Fifa, to COD and some niche games in between. This includes live streams, videos and reviews of the games that we’re playing and testing. Our Live streams are open for all to join in, comment and take part in.

MyGamesMedia is the creation of 3 lads from the UK who all have different specialised areas. From marketing to project management, website building to designing but we all have one thing in common, our love of games. However, we still differ here as well.

We pride ourselves on not being the best in the world, but we’re certainly not the worst, so if you want to see some honest gaming from a community of gamers that all share the same passion for gaming and content creation – like us on social media, follow our Twitch and YouTube accounts and drop by to read our game reviews.