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FIFA 20 changes

FIFA 20 is due to be released later this year and in preparation for the big launch, we’ve decided to take a look at all of the changes that we can expect in the latest instalment in the FIFA franchise.

As with each new release, the pressure is on the developers, EA Sports, to improve the game and take into consideration the views and frustrations of the game’s fans when trying to figure out which areas they would like to give a specific focus to.

Feedback from professional Esports gamers and casual players are all taken into account and then they are implemented and the features are then rolled out with the release of the game. This means that the developers are fully equipped to give fans of the football franchise what they want while also following their own creative vision for the game.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at the gameplay changes and the new features that we can expect in FIFA 20.


FIFA 20 Defending Changes

In May’s edition of ‘Pitch Notes’, EA sports revealed that the next version of FIFA will feature a number of changes to the A.I defending and movement. One new feature is ‘Planned Tackling’ which gives favour to those who prefer manual defending. This means that the defending system is being renewed to support manual defending.

Auto tackles and auto blocks will now become less likely thanks to a reduction in contain and secondary contain effectiveness.

On top of this, those who choose to manually defend in a given scenario will benefit from an improved jockey system which is designed to improve both agility and precision.

Also, when defending set-pieces, computer intelligence will be improved in order to make marking match-ups more realistic. This means that your 4-foot 3 left back won’t be left marking their 6-foot 5 striker and instead players will try to keep tabs on opponents that are similar in height to them.


FIFA 20 Passing Changes

EA Sports are always striving to give greater realism and this means that, as the game gets harder, FIFA also gets harder. With this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that passing is also going to be one of those elements¬† which also increases in difficult.

The pressure that a player finds themselves in during any given scenario will now correlate how difficult it is to complete a pass successfully. This means that 180 degree, first-time passes and passing from awkward positions will be more prone to interception.

Along with that, passing will be easier when there is less chance of a mistake being made. This means that if you’re not under any pressure, of if your players body is well positioned to make a pass, then there is less chance of a player making a mistake.

There is also a new option of a dinked through ball either on the ground or in the air, while a driven pass-and-go mechanism is also set to be enabled as well.


FIFA 20 Shooting Changes

The “Timed Finishing” mechanism which was introduced in FIFA 19 is also set to be fine-tuned as well. This means that it’s going to get harder to score in FIFA 20.

The green timing window for timed shots is set to be reduced in FIFA 20 from two-to-four frames to just two frames for every shot. This means that a player will need more skill in order to hit the back of the net.

As well as this, difficult 180-degree shots will also become less powerful than they were in FIFA 19 and timed shot accuracy will be reduced.

Volleys are also set to become more difficult and less accurate which will result in more volatile shooting and it’s also going to be more difficult to score headers when you’re inside a crowded area.

While the shooting is being tweaked to make it more difficult to score, gamers will be relived to know that one-on-one finishing is set to become easier.

Shooting accuracy is also going to be improved in “easier” scenarios, so, say if you have an open goal, and also goalkeepers reactions will no longer be superhuman.


FIFA 20 Skill Moves Changes

FIFA players who enjoy the thrill of showing off their twinkle toes and breezing past multiple opponents using skill moves will now have to be prepared in FIFA 20.

Using skill moves is set to get harder in the edition with EA Sports indicating that the chances of error will increase exponentially when chaining more than two skill moves together.


FIFA 20 Goalkeeper Changes

As mentioned earlier, one main gripe players have had is that goalkeepers, at times, felt as though they were almost superhuman with their reactions and the saves that they were able to make. This is set to be changed in FIFA 20 and their superhuman abilities are set to be reduced to that of mere mortals.

Additionally, when players opt to manually control goalkeepers, they will notice that the effectiveness of their movement will be reduced from the previous version and this means that there will be no more messing around with sweeper keepers.

FIFA developers, EA Sports, are expected to confirm the release date for the upcoming FIFA title during the summer, but it’s largely expected that the game will drop towards the end of the year.

What do you think about the proposed changes? Will they improve the game or make it too difficult for average players? Let us know in the comments below.

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