Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Bar launches for Windows 10 as a useful overlay with widgets

Xbox Game Bar

Microsoft are currently going through a process of improving their integration with PC’s and Laptops and one more improvement which they’ve recently launched is the new Xbox Game Bar which is available for devices with Windows 10 installed.

Originally, the Game Bar was released last month, but now a full overlay, which appears to mimic Nvidia’s GeForce Experience or Discord was made available yesterday.

Each section now includes widgets which allow you to adjust elements, such as the volume or your monitor, CPU, GPU and RAM usage.

Microsoft is also integrating Spotify into the Game Bar which offers you the ability to manage the playback of the songs which you’re playing. There’s also an audio widget within the Game Bar which is can be activated by using the winkey+G. All of these widgets are designed to make the new layout more glanceable and allows you to toggle headset settings before getting straight back into the game.

Xbox friends list, messages and even looking for group (LFG) widgets are available with the options to display as many (or as few) as you would like. The entire interface is designed to be completely customisable and the widgets can be pinned into place.

The Game Bar is designed to work with the majority of games, but Microsoft are aiming for games build using the Vulkan API to run in window mode in order for the Game Bar to work.

“We’re in the early stages of our journey and the updated Xbox Game Bar experience is just the beginning”, explained the Xbox team. “As always, your feedback is important to us and our partners as we continue to evolve the Xbox Game Bar.”

The Game Bar comes just a day comes just a day after Microsoft had released their latest Windows 10 May 2019 update to everyone. While the update doesn’t include many additional features, Microsoft have certainly made it a priority to address some of it’s gaming shortcomings with the Game Bar.

Now we’re left waiting to see more work at E3 this year.

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