The Division 2 Raids delayed until May

The Division 2

Being a fan of The Division brings many things with it but one thing that seems to stand out the most is disappointment.

Not in the game itself, the game is brilliant and it’s earned its place as on my all time favourite games and one which I spend the most time on. Instead, I’m referring to the issues, bugs and delays which have plagued the game since the first instalment and are still present today.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Many people felt that The Division 2 was the chance to make everything right and get everyone back on board and getting us all loving the game again and, in large, it has succeeded. However, lingering disappointments still remain and this is something which has happened again.

If you cast your mind back to the announcement of The Division 2 and to the announcement of the additional DLC which would be coming our way in Year 1, you might have gotten a bit excited of the prospect of taking part in the 8-player Raids which were making their overdue appearance in The Division 2.

While at the start there was no concrete date set for the release of Raids at the start, the recent announcement of an April 25th release got everyone excited. We all began finishing our builds, getting The Division 2 brand sets locked down getting our clans together and selecting 7 players who would be able to take the journey to new areas to compete in new challenges with us.

Well, lay down your arms folks as they’ve been delayed.

That’s right, while Operation Dark Hours was meant to be hitting our consoles this week, developers Massive Entertainment have now asked for more time to fine tune problems that they’ve been having and make sure that Operation Dark Hours is smooth and enjoyable – and I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing.

The Division 2 Brands

The reason for this is because we’ve often seen updates come to us which have created more bugs than they’ve solved or introduced us to a new series of bugs which then left waiting for a patch to resolve and I’m happy that Massive are trying to break this trend and make sure that everything works from right from the off. In order to make this happen, they’ve delayed the release of Operation Dark Hours until May – with no definite ETA being announced.

Another piece of news coming from The Division camp is that the developers are looking to recruit players of the game in order to help see how well the updates and balancing changes work before pushing the changes live for everyone else to enjoy.

In order to do this, they’re released a Public Test Server (PTS) with the aim of structuring the testing in phases, each phase lasting a couple of days, with a focus on testing specific aspects of the game.

Through surveys and forum threads, they’ll collect feedback from those who participated in the PTS and implement the suggested changes before releasing the updates to the general public.

The PTS is available to PC gamers and, if you’re playing on PC, you can now test out Title Update 3 which is available on the server. Don’t get any ideas of testing out Raids, however, as Operation Dark Hours won’t be available on the PTS as it’s only set to go live when the update is officially released.

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