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Back in 2006, Sony introduced us to their newest service which was known as the PlayStation Network and this led to people signing up to the service in their droves.

When you signed up, you were given the chance to create a PSN name which would become your online ID and it would be the name that people on the PSN would get to know you as. At the same time, everyone started to create their names but many didn’t realise that, once a name was chosen, you were stuck with it and were unable to change.

Fast-forward 12 years to 2018 and Sony finally made the announcement that they were going to finally allow people to change their PSN name.

Originally, the name change was part of the PlayStation Preview Programme but the ability to change your PSN ID is now, finally, being rolled out to everyone and this means that you can finally change the embarrassing PSN name which you mistakenly thought was cool back in 2006.

There are two ways in which you can change the name.

The first option is to change it using your PlayStation console and the process is fairly simple:

  • Log into your PS4
  • Go to settings
  • Choose Account Management
  • Account Information
  • Profile
  • Profile ID
  • Enter your new name and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the change

The second option is by using your internet browser to change your name and to do this you need to:

  • Sign into your PSN account
  • Select PSN profile
  • Click Edit
  • Enter a new PSN name and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the change

It’s important to note that changing your PSN name doesn’t mean that your old name is permanently lost. If you do want to revert back to your old name for any reason, you can contact PlayStation support and they’ll be able to roll back the change. You also will be given an option to display your old PSN name alongside the new one for 30 days to help your friends come to terms with this epic change.

As with everything in life, changing your PSN name does come with some risks.

While games which have been released after April 1, 2018 have been tested and fully support the name change, older titles do not.

This means that changing your name could cause some critical issues with some games and Sony recommends checking a list of tested games before making the decision to change.

To celebrate the roll out of this change, Sony is allowing you to change your name once for free. However, once the change has been made any subsequent changes will set you back £4.99 for PS Plus subscribers and £9.99 for everyone else.

While this might seem like a basic feature which should have been made available a long time ago, the ability to change our name is a welcome change and it gives owners who have created terrible names the chance to start over.

Hopefully, we’ll now see the end of names such as Xx_SnIpErZzZz_xX.

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