Is the Division 2 set to take us back to NYC?

The Division 2

When games with a popular and almost cult-like following lands on our consoles, it’s not unusual to see a slew of rumours regarding the state of the game, updates, patches and DLC come flooding through.

With Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, there is no exception and rumours have been coming thick and fast for the game – which is surprising for a game which isn’t even a month old.

The latest rumour which is doing the rounds is that agents around the world will soon be packing their travel bags and heading back to where it all began – New York City.

With the game only being released a few weeks ago, players are still in the midst of running around Washington D.C, grinding through to get better weapons and to read the end game so they can get better gear and get their level up. Of course, once you’ve hid that all important level 30 and you begin to take on strongholds it’s noticeable that there is one stronghold which can’t yet be taken on and that’s Tidal Basin (due April 5th), so looking forward at any potential DLC might seem a little bit premature, especially as the rumour which is circulating is in regards to the third piece of DLC in the Year One line up.

However, the rumours which were hearing this time is that the upcoming DLC (due January 2020) will give agents the opportunity to return to New York and the scene of the original Dollar Flu outbreak.

The rumour isn’t without convincing reasons, however, and it’s thanks to a find by Division 2 player and known Redditor “WillyPete”, who discovered a poster which can be found in game and reads “NYC After Dark” in big, bold lettering. This title is followed by a smaller section which goes on to state “A return to the Big Apple – January”.

The Division 2 DLC

The developers for the Division 2 have made themselves known for putting little Easter Eggs throughout the game for players to find and share, and bearing in mind the NYC, it does appear that they’ve laid a clue inside the game for agents to find and begin piecing together to uncover a secret that one of the DLC’s will be set in NYC.

Add to this that, prior to the games launch, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment had revealed that the Division 2’s Year One Updates would be issued to players in the form of three different “episodes” of content.

We already know the names and the locations of two of the three DLC episodes: DC Outskirts: Expeditions and Pentagon: The Last Castle, but the third one has remained a tightly kept secret and the only information we’ve received thus far is that it’s scheduled for a winter release. After Dark would be the third and final instalment and it will be released in January 2020.

For those unaware of new to the franchise, New York City was the setting for the original The Division and it takes place several months before the Division 2. This would certainly make it interesting to see how Ubisoft an Massive plan to bring the New York themed content into The Division 2 and it can’t be denied that returning to where it all began would be a nice touch to those gamers who have been Agents since the beginning.

If this is what the companies are planning on doing, the next step would be to discover exactly what the DLC would entail and whether it would provide a setting for a new Dark Zone (which is unlikely), or whether it would be the setting for a new Survival Mode – a game mode which we saw in The Division 1 which proved to be hugely popular.

One thing that is for certain is that we will have to wait to find out exactly what Ubisoft and Massive are planning for the third piece of DLC in The Division 2, and if it does connect with the adverts which we can find throughout the game. Until then, you should continue to gear up and grind your way through Washington D.C in preparation for Tidal Basin and the release of Tier 5 and all of the content that is set to be released with that on April 5th.

You can be sure that My Games Media will continue to keep a close on on any developments, so if you want to keep ahead of the rest in terms of news and future releases regarding the Division 2 and anything else gaming, stay tuned with us.

Until next time, stay safe agents.


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