Doom Review on Xbox One

Doom Review on Xbox One

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Doom Xbox One Review

To say that Doom was the world’s first first-person-shooter would be wrong, however, it’s safe to say that Doom was one of the games that went on to completely revolutionise and define the FPS genre.

The game was originally released back in 1993 and the Hell-on-Mars shooter went on to revolutionise PC gaming before making its debut on a whole host of different consoles throughout the years.

Doom Xbox One Review

Well you can now add Xbox One to that list as well and Doom is once again ready to tantalise the tastebuds of fans of retro gamers and original classics once more.

The Xbox One version of the game stays faithful to the original and it’s a testament to the original that it’s still able to hold its own in a new world full of 3D graphics and improved visual and story-telling.

What can you really say about Doom except for the fact that the game is everything that it’s designed to be? It’s a single player campaign game which puts you, your shotgun and just about enough ammunition against every single demon that Mars has to offer.

The game is exhausting, it’s frantic and, at times, it’s just down right sphincter-clenching.

Doom leaves you stranded and alone on Phobos, one of Mars’s moons, and it’s here where you will find that a bunch of not-so-clever scientists have been playing around with teleportation experiments and managed to open up a portal to Hell – Facepalm!

The result of this is a host of demons heading to Mars to call it their new home and what’s the one thing that demons don’t like?

That’s right – You!

Doom Review on Xbox One

This leads to a simple concept for the game, send as many of those demons back to Hell as you possibly can. Oh, and don’t do it in a nicey nice way of negotiations, instead, blow them apart with a variety of different weapons to ensure that they regret ever venturing outside of their toasty confines.

The game is broken down into different episodes, but the game doesn’t really feature a “story” per-se. Instead, the truth is that it doesn’t need one. The power of Doom is firmly within its ability to create truly hostile situations which are designed to ensure that the odds are always firmly stacked against you.

The weapons are also iconic. So much so that you’ll see Doom-inspired weapons in the majority of todays modern games. Think of a first-person-shooter game that you’ve played recently which doesn’t feature a shotgun, automatic machine gun and a rocket launched? Seriously, it’s tough.

The original weapons from Doom are all featured in the game, from the chainsaw to the BFG. The weapons are accompanied by the classic level designs as well and the original enemy designs, and it’s fully understandable because one look at the screen and you’ll definitely know that you’re playing Doom.

Your own excitement and enthusiasm will decide if that’s a good thought or not, but there’s no denying that Doom is a staple that we’re all thrilled has returned to modern-day consoles.

Rather than attempt to remake the game and bring it up to modern day standards, the graphics are taken from the original and, as a result, the graphics on monsters are blocky, but this isn’t off-putting, instead it feels more like the developers have decided to pay homage to an original, classic game.

There are a few things that we would like to see, such as being able to jump or look up and down, but on the whole, there’s nothing really to not enjoy about playing this classic title.

From the moment you load the game, you know you’re playing the original title as the menu takes up the whole TV screen, but once you actually launch a campaign, you’re restricted to the 4:3 image mode of the original. Then you’re hit in the ears by the MIDI guitars which made the games soundtrack so memorable that it’s lasted all the way up to 2019 – although it has to be said that the soundtrack has been updated to take advantage of surround-sound systems.

One thing that everyone will remember about playing Doom in 1993 is how much of a hassle it was to play multiplayer. You were restricted to playing two player games over a modem or a four-player game over a local connection but this is because the internet wasn’t exactly up to much in 1993 – certainly not when compared to modern day standards.

Now Doom on Xbox One features split screen support for offline multiplayer and a 4 player online mode so you can either run co-op or play a deathmatch.

Doom Xbox One

You’ll also notice that Doom’s multiplayer is incredibly fast compared to modern day shooters as well. Holding down the left trigger will make you sprint, and Doomguy can move! But, then again, so would I if I was faced with a BFG trying to ruin my day.

There were a few minor issues, such as staying connected to matches and a few connections which were unplayable because of the lag, but on the whole it was a fairly enjoyable experience.

Overall, the game is a lot of fun. The levels are all hostile and they’re full of traps and scares which are designed to give you the complete Doom experience. There’s a nice balance as well between simple layers and complex ones which means you won’t get bored of rinsing and repeating the same-old on each level. There’s also some exploring to get on with as well which means that you can also find hidden secrets as you go along.

The game can be easy for beginners, or you can up the difficulty level to make it tough for even the most experienced of Doom players.

There are also aspects, such as hearing footsteps but not seeing the enemy when you reach the boss level right before he jumps out in front of you which then means that you require a. change of. underwear before you’re able to proceed with the game.

The same is also true when you notice that a level is quite…to quiet in fact, and then suddenly all Hell breaks loose.

The game is designed and it’s famous for its non-stop action. The idea behind Doom is that you’re never safe. Even when it’s quiet, the game managers to create an eery anticipation that the hostility levels are going to get ramped up to 10 very soon and you’re going to be chased around the room by more than one of the SOBs.

One of the main downsides though, and all games have downsides, is the lack of achievements.

Sure back in 1993 there wouldn’t have been achievements for you to work towards and the Xbox One version does include some achievements, but they’re all fairly basic. We think having achievements such as getting 10k kills will give you something harder to work towards and keep the game more interesting.

Also, as mentioned, the lack of being able to look up or down makes the game feel a little bit restricted but this doesn’t really take that much away from the enjoyment of the game.

Doom was one of my favourite games back in ’93 when it first came out, I remember the. times when we would sneak on the. game during our IT classes at school. Playing the game now doesn’t make me think any less of the game, in fact, I love that the game has stuck to original, it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s touching-cloth hostile and playing it now only reminds me of those times.

If you’re a. fan of retro gaming, or if you’re new to the gaming scene and want to go back to. when FPS began – definitely give Doom a try and you won’t regret it.

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