The Division 2: Brands and bonuses explained

The Division 2

Brand sets are one of the new additions that will feature in The Division 2 and they apply to all of the armour pieces that you can acquire as you grind your way through the post-apocalyptic Washington setting.

Each one of the six forms of armour which you can carry around with you has a brand (think Armani, Gucci, D&G and so on) and they’re all named in true The Division style and all come with different bonuses and perks depending on the brand which you apply.

The bonuses stack up, meaning the more of a brand set you have, the more bonuses are triggered, but as there’s a maximum of 3 bonuses, it looks like the game is geared towards mixing and matching the brands in order to activate different bonuses.

This means that you can create a build which features one of each brand and trigger six different bonuses, or you can start stacking brands up and activating more of their bonuses.


Each bonus maxes out at three items. So with six slots available you have multiple ways that you can mix and match to create the perfect build to suit your play style. There are nine different brands as well, meaning that there’s plenty of variety and choice so you can fully customise your build to ensure that you earn the right set of bonuses.

For example, you could carry six different pieces from six different brands and create a well-rounded build which triggers multiple perks and bonuses or you could max out at 2 brands which compliment each other and create a character which is specialised in a particular area.

The Division 2 Brands

What’s important is to remember that brand sets are not the same as gear sets, although they’re similar. It’s not yet confirmed if gear sets will make a return, but they were synonymous with the end game in The Division. This means that it’s likely that they’ll return.

Brand sets are a new way of providing players with a way of refining their character builds from the very start so you can instantly begin customising your character and refining them into the play style which you want to use.


The different brands and the bonuses that come with them are as follows:

Airaldi Holdings:

+5.0% MMR damage, +10.0% headshot damage, +10.0% accuracy

China Light Industries Corporation:

+8.0% shotgun damage, +10.0% all resilience, +10.0% skill haste

Douglas & Harding:

+5.0% critical hit chance, +5.0% weapon damage, +10.0% critical hit damage

Petrov Defence Group:

+8.0% LMG damage, +10.0% turret skill power, +10.0% skill power

Providence Defence:

+4.0% weapon damage, +10.0% skill power, TALENT: Well-rounded – critical hit chance bonus for 6 seconds when completing cover to cover move.

Richter and Kaiser:

+20.0% pistol damage, +15.0% shield skill power, +10.0% all resistance

Sokolov Concern:

+10.0% SMG damage, +8.0% critical hit damage, +10% critical hit chance

Wyvern Wear:

+7.0% critical hit damage, +5.0% headshot, +10.0% critical hit chance

Overlord Amendments:

+7.5% armour percent bonus, +5.0% weapon damage, +10.0% damage to elites.

So, you can see how each of these brands can begin to be mixed together in order to create a brand that suits your game style.

For example, in The Division, I regularly ran with a Lightweight M4 and The House (I know, almost everyone did), with these brands you could combine x2 Sokolov Concern which would give you a +10.0% SMG damage and +8.0% critical hit damage with  x2 Douglas & Harding for the. +5.0% critical hit chance, +5.0% accuracy and then add 1 piece of Providence Defence for +4.0% weapon damage and 1 piece of Wyvern Wear for an additional +7.0% critical hit damage and it will give you a strong build with SMG damage, accuracy, critical hit chance and critical hit damage.

This shows just how flexible the different brands are set to be in The Division 2 and how the game is going to give you the ability to craft your perfect build, whether you prefer to play as a marksman, close quarter combatant or if you prefer to use skills and turrets.

The beauty of this is that you can mix and match your brands to create the ideal build.

What’s not know, however, is if Ubisoft plans on releasing more brands into The Division 2 and, if they do, what kind of impact this could have of your build.

One thing that is for certain is that the new flexibility of the brands and bonuses which are applied makes the game far more flexible and simpler to understand while you’re crafting your character, prior to the end game at least.

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