What was with the Division 2 BETA level cap?

The Division 2 BETA level cap

So, the Division 2 private BETA has been and gone and gamers have had a small taster of the cover-based shooting action which is going to come with the full release of the game in March.

With it just being a BETA, it’s understandable that not everything from TD2 will be featured inside the game was brought over into the BETA but that didn’t stop Ubisoft from creating an enjoyable experience if you take out the random kicks and the loss of sound which was experienced by pretty much everyone who played it.

One question that I had, as did various others, is what was with the level capping in TD2 BETA and exactly what is carried over from the BETA into the full version when it finally drops?

Well, you might have guessed that the BETA max level isn’t the same as the one that you’ll be working towards in the full game. Instead, as the BETA features only two missions and a few side missions, the cap is to keep things fairly low and keep your character towards the start of where your journey will be.

For this reason, the max level is capped at level 7 which is fairly easy to achieve this level by completing the available missions so it’s more than likely that you’ll have hit this cap quite quick and you’ll now be itching to improve your character beyond this but, now that the demo has finished, you’ll need to wait another month before you’re able to.

Now for the other question, what gets carried over into the full release and the answer is simply….nothing. That’s right, the work you do in the BETA stays in the BETA and you’ll have to start again from the beginning. It may be a good thing however, as there wasn’t much in the way of character customisation as the characters were all pre-set so you get a chance to make your character your own for TD2 and it’s not going to be difficult to get back to the same level as you was at by the time the BETA had finished.

So, that’s it for now and there’s not much to say about the level capping in the Division 2, but let us know in the comments if you managed to get an invite into the game and how you found it.

If you’re thinking of getting the game in March but you’re not 100% sure, why not check out my Division 2 BETA Review as well to get an insight into the game, what’s good about it and what’s not so good.

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